Creating opportunities, opening access.

You have a plan, we help you put the elements together and articulate your vision to investors and customers.

Opening access the Jamaican market.

Creating access for Jamaican companies to enter the global cannabis space.

Business Plan/ Pitch Deck

Let’s get you ready for investors. Investors are all different, but all look for good ideas, solid plans of execution and the team to do so. 

You also have to present this, and communicate your message effectively. Let us help you do that.

Investor Relations

Investors and their agents are always on the look out for the next Unicorn. Your idea may not change the world, it might just make good business sense. Let us put you in front of the right people to get your business funded and off thre ground.

Events, Media, Branding, and Marketing.

You’re building a company and you want to get the name out there. Benefit from our in-house creative team, media and our events.

With the intention of bringing the elements together, we will host regular pitch and investor engagement events during 2021. Our team can create your company presentation artwork, videos and portfolios elements for our Ganjinvest platform. 

Looking for land in Jamaica?

We list it or we'll source it

Upcoming events

Launch event!

Cannabis Investment Pitch Event


Business Development

Business Media

Marketing/ Events

Investor Relations

Additional Services


Licensing application

Let’s work together to take your business to the level of investor readiness and get you funded!

Not everyone is ready for financing, but everyone will need financing to move forward when the market demands. Book a consultation with us and let’s get you moving forward.